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Aktar's E.U. Menu Revealed

Though we're told tweaks are still in progress, here now is the most recent menu being offered at your favorite aborted-gastropub-turned-'cafe' and ours, the E.U. While you peruse, also enjoy this reader report, just in.

Was there Tuesday, Pretty empty but sat at the bar and had a few Firsts. The rabbit terrine and the sweetbreads. Both were good, Rabbit a little too much fat and the sweetbreads too much salt, but the vanilla went really well with the dish. I mentioned the salt and they sent out a mackerel Tapas that wasn't on the menu which was done as a cerviche esq with hearts of palm sauce. Quite good. Look forward to next month or so when he has all the kinks worked out.
· Eaters' Journal: E.U. [~E~]