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EaterWire: Live from Pop Burger, Burrell on TV, More!

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MIDTOWN EAST—A special correspondent sends along the above image from lunchtime today at the just-opened Pop Burger. Observations: (a) nice buns! (b) nuclear fusion achieved! [EaterWire Inbox]

MONTREAL—Emails a tipster, "I came across the restaurant Méchant Boeuf in Montreal and I noticed their logo looks deadly similar to that of BRGR. (BTW, Méchant Boeuf translates to “mean beef” in French.) And both meateries boast having the best burgers in town. That said, I was wondering who came first, the boeuf or the brgr?" [EaterWire Inbox]

TV LAND—Another tipster emails, "Chef Ann Burrell, currently splitting her time at Gusto and Centro, will soon also have her own show on Food Network as well. Hopefully she'll show us how to make that unbelievable Centro pork chop!" [EaterWire Inbox]

Pop Burger

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