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Going for Dolo in the VIP

2007_12_g.jpgA new update to the G Manifesto has arrived: "A little while back I was in a very dope New York City Nightclub (I can't say the name of the Club, I have a current beef with the owner and I don't want to give him any extra press) that was holding mad Model Girls every night. Unfortunately, it was also holding model guy as well. But I have said it before and I will say it again, if you let model guy get in your way, then your problems don't end there. So, I was chopping up the spot like DeMarcus Corley or Mark Brandon Read, Going for Dolo in the VIP room. I was suited down, Blue Dior Homme suit by Kris Van Assche, Shirt by Duncan Quinn, Blue Hollow flower Pocket Square by Duncan Quinn, tie by Duncan Quinn, heater by Ruger and Shoes by Prada. Cuffs, diamond crushed, and plush. Pockets anabolic, and green like environmentalism. I was like frosting, you know, sitting on cake. The competition couldn't see me like Stevie. So, it was no Wonder, I was the sharpest dressed cat in the litter. I needed to go to the bathroom, well, not in a conventional sense, but anyways, I got in the line... [G Manifesto]