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Good News/Bad News: The Smith

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The Smith, from Jane and Neptune owners Glenn Harris and Jeffrey Lefcourt, is three weeks into its run in the East Village. While we do have some issues with the place, we can't help but notice the place is off to a good-to-very-good start. Here's the news, good and bad.

1) Good News/Bad News: "Not sure if you're planning a good news/bad news or anything for The Smith, but I dropped by last night and have these thoughts: Décor is very Pizzeria Uno meets Schiller's, with more boobs on the walls. I've never been to Jane, so I'm not sure if this is a copy of it, but the Schiller's look is unmistakable. Like what they did with t he Pizzeria Uno bathroom dungeon on the lower floor. They opened it up, added a photo booth and are doing that whole 5 unisex mini bathrooms lined up, with giant sinks right outside thing. Cocktail menu is superb, including the rye whiskey/apple cordial/jalapeno drink I had that is called, I think, "I just paid $9 for this tiny little drink but it tastes really awesome so whatevs." Menu is a little random--not sure who is coming in to order a tomato soup, steak and bibimbop. The beer-battered string beans are awesome, and lightly fried enough for you to not feel horrible about yourself for eating them. Soundtrack is very yupster (Postal Service, Stone Roses) which is appropriate for the location. Remember, this is more NYUville than East Village proper. And then the coup de grace: the ice cream sundae menu. Wow!!! That's what it's all about, in the end." [Eater Inbox]

1) Good News: "For my Main Course I went complicated, ordering the Lamb Schnitzel, which turns out to be an excellent choice of meat to pound, batter and fry. Because even coated in a sharp parmesan crust, spiced up with chili flakes, accompanied by lemoned-out greens and placed upon a mountain of wonderfully gummy, lumpy, dijoned mashed potatoes, I could still taste the (by the way tender) lamb. On all levels, this dish was a smashing success. If the pastas, burgers and salads are even half as good as this, The Smith is going to be packed and loud, well into the night. And my side of Brussels Sprouts? Charred to a caramelized crisp, exactly the way I like it." [Scoboco]

3) Bad News: Went for t-giving. Excellent just about all the way around. The bar steak was chewey and inedible (avoid) but a perfectly well prepared med-rare. The fried string beans were delicious as was the sicilian cauliflower. Entire Turkey dinner was fabulous, best I've ever had at any restaurant. Sound system is the first thing which need replacing. sounds cheap and hollow. perhaps a sub woofer or two. Awesome bathrooms and photo booth to boot. I will go here again. Chef knows what he/she is doing." [Eater Comments]

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