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Adventures in Marketing: Pop Burger on Facebook

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The new Pop Burger on 58th Street, last seen here, is throwing a preview party this Saturday night and is using Facebook to promote the soirée. Now usually preview events are list-only affairs and, really, a total crap shoot. To go with Facebook is a novel idea for the New York restaurant scene, and the reason we're on board is because many key facts about the party, facts usually unavailable, are there for all to see. Such as that 633 people were invited, there are 52 confirmed guests, 50 maybes, and 139 nos. Those numbers don't indicate a total mess. Unfortunately, by way of measuring what the taste-makers think, among the declines are doorman Wass and West Coast celeb blogger Perez Hilton. But, if you do go, you might see hosts Adam Alpert and Zev Norotsky, or the owner of 49 Grove (yes, still open) Aram Sabet. Also, of import in part because it's a Saturday night, the girl-guy ratio looks solid.

When Jennifer Baum starts putting her clients on Facebook, our work here will be done.
· Sneak Preview POP Burger + Lounge [Facebook]

Update: It was fun while it lasted. The event has been removed from Facebook. And now, with incomplete intel, unable to track the girl-guy ratio, we're going to skip it.

Pop Burger

60 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website

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