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EaterWire: DOH Denied at Dell'Anima, More!

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WEST VILLAGE—A reader emails the following joyous holiday season tale: "Dining at the bar at Dell'anima last night, place was packed. My companion and I looked up from our glasses of Barbaresco to see a gentleman wearing a DOH jacket shining a flashlight into every nook and cranny behind the bar. The staff looked distressed to say the least. He was so diligent in his inspection that he was literally shining a flashlight into the proverbial asshole. After about 10 minutes poking around back there (during which time the bartenders kept serving and pretending he wasn't there), he moved onto the kitchen. Apparently all was in order as we weren't all ordered out of the restaurant and into the cold." [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—The RG files from Gusto, it of the recent chef shakeup. New details on the forthcoming makeover: "In early 2008, expect both a menu and extensive decor overhaul as owner Sasha Muniak plans to unveil a new interior, working with Centro Vinoteca and Jean Georges designer Thomas Juul-Hansen. Once construction begins, Gusto will temporarily shut its doors, returning with a new menu as well as its signature fried artichokes and octopus." [Restaurant Girl]

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