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EaterWire: 12th St. Ale House Opens, More Red Mango!

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EAST VILLAGE—This is FastPlywood™ graduate 12th Street Ale House, which was revealed and opened in the last 48-72 hours. Our man in the East Village writes: "Aaaaaand, the plywood is off the former Dick's gay bar on the corner of Second Ave. and 12th Street, revealing the 12th Street Ale House rebranding. If this and Shoolbred's (old Jade Mountain space) both cater to a fratty clientele, this will be the douchiest block in the East Village. Blue Owl is already there. Note, it appears to be open. Two bartenders, lights on, no customers." [EaterWire]

RED MANGOVERSE—Via the tipline and comments, news of visible activity at two imminently opening (known) Red Mango locations. Following up on yesterday's Wire news, West 14th: "Looks like red mango and pinkberry each are opening on opposing crnrs on 14th and 6th. Probably not printworthy, but figured you'd be interested." Printworthy! It is so freaking on. And at 723 8th Avenue: "another Red Mango going into a space on the west side of 8th Avenue between 45th and 46th." [EaterWire]

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