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Adventures in Plywood: Bar Boulud Stays Covered, Opens Tonight on Own Terms

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Daniel Boulud may have been a tad quick to rock the full reveal on DBGB, his forthcoming restaurant on the Bowery (which will not be called DBGB when it opens). But, dude learns quick. As of this morning (above), the brown paper and permitting had still not been removed from his new Upper West Side restaurant, Bar Boulud, even while a crew assembled an entry tent just in front for tonight's opening celebration. Notes Gastropoda, who observed the paper a few days back, "The wiliest chef in town has to be the Big Homme. We passed his newest place the other night...and I was laughing that it could not possibly start serving New Year’s Eve, given that the front was completely covered in brown paper and work permits...Bob, being a real reporter, noticed a few strategic holes torn in the paper, so he bent over to peek in and said, “It’s full of people eating.” And it was. The inside was completely finished, down to art on the walls, and the tables were all occupied..." And thus, a new chapter is written in the plywood rulebook. Old dog, new tricks, etc. Touche, DB.
· Sorry, We're Open [Gastropoda]

DBGB Kitchen & Bar

931 H Street Northwest, , DC 20001 (202) 695-7660 Visit Website

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