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Wild Salmon to Close on 12/31

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Kalina, 4/4/07

Reliable sources indicate that Jeffrey Chodorow will close Wild Salmon, his experiment in the seafood of the Pacific Northwest, on December 31st, 2007. We've yet to get El Chod's comment on the closure, though it's a safe bet to assume it's happening for all the usual reasons: sub-two-star review, imperfect concept, thin crowds, and/or cash hemorrhaging. The Midtown restaurant opened in early April, putting the elapsed time of this particular El Chod show, the subject of the second of El Chod's open letters to Frank Bruni, at nine months. No word on what the space will become next, but Third Avenue and 40th Street is certainly as good a location as any for a Maxim steakhouse.
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Update From the Desk of El Chod: El Chod confirms, "Regrettably, we will be closing Wild Salmon after the new year. We were excited about bringing the food and wine of the pacific northwest to NY, but, unfortunately, our efforts were unsuccessful." And from Karine Bakhoum, El Chod's official mouthpiece: "In my opinion, the space was too large for the concept — if the restaurant had 90 seats it would have been packed to the gills. It has many fans. There are no definite plans for the space to announce at this time."