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Plywood Report: Rebirth at Porchetta/Carniceria Space?

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And so the cycle of rebirth begins anew on Smith Street. A highly placed correspondent writes, "Another restaurant may open very soon in the recently shuttered Porchetta/Carniceria space on Smith Street. Evidence, as seen last night: The 'Available' signs have been taken down, the windows are now covered with newspapers, the Carniceria signage has been removed (exposing the Porchetta signange), it looks like someone is repainting part of the exterior, and when I peeked in, I saw tables all set up and ready to go (napkins folded, glassware in place). I'm assuming that the place is in pretty good shape, being that it hasn't been closed for too long, so we may be talking a matter of days here. No idea who the new tenant is. Exciting." Who can tell us more? [PLYWOOD/POST-PLYWOOD]

UPDATE: A neighborhood tipster tells us, "I hear a strong rumor that Saul Bolton (of Restaurant Saul) has bought out the place." However, a call to Saul just a ways down Smith Street yields this response: "I'd say that sounds like an insane rumor." Full denial, in other words. Anyone else?


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