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Shake Shack Now Accepting Orders By Phone

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In yet another example of the efficiency of the Danny Meyer machine, Shake Shack, his Madison Square Park burger wonderland, is now accepting phone-in orders. That's right, folks: calling ahead now allows you to skip the line entirely and go. directly. to. the. pick-up window. Yahtzee. The one catch is that it's currently planned for winter only—so that you don't freeze your ass off on line—but we've got a couple of months to convice Meyer to keep the program firing all year. Here are the particulars:

Call-in orders accepted from Monday, December 3rd, through Saturday, March 1st

Phone orders are for pick-up only

Our phone lines open at 9:30 AM so you can get your orders in early, but your food won’t be ready until we’re officially open at 11:30 AM

Call (212) 889-6600 to place an order

$25 minimum for call-in orders, and a credit card number is required

Don’t mess with the line – phone orders head straight to the Pick Up Window to grab your food and go

In bonus winter shack news, heat lamps have been added to what Meyer is calling the Shack’s "Winter Garden."
· Shake Shack [official site]

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