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The Year in Eater: Chronicles of El Chod

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As part of our year end wrap, we're going to be re-running some of our favorite posts from the past year. Today, we relive what history will certainly show to be a crucial moment in the history of Eater The World: the birth of the Chronicles of El Chod.

2007_10_el_chod.jpgFor most restaurateurs, even the very best ones, we have On the House, our regular feature written by the owners and operators of our city's finest establishments. For Jeffrey Chodrow (below), however, a man who needs an introduction like vibrator needs an owners manual, we have Chronicles of El Chod. Now and then he or his chief spokesperson, Karine Bakhoum, checks in with us to clarify something, say hello, what have you. These are our stories of those stories.

Late yesterday, El Chod himself phoned to tell us to get our heads out of our asses (our words) in regards to Eater Hospice resident Kobe Club. First of all, a promise to us: "Kobe Club is not closing, ever." Next, a scoop: "Not only is Kobe Club not closing, but we're opening more of them, first in Miami."

Now, onto more mundane matters.

1) our correspondent suggested Kobe seems to be a ghost town and 2) El Chod was overheard at Sarabeth's talking to someone about keeping costs down for needed Kobe Club repairs. Again, he kindly asks us to shut down our crazy train.

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