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Eater Inside: Dovetail

Kalina, 12/26/07

2007_11_dovetail_1.jpgNow in previews (20% off through 12/30), this is John Fraser's new "American restaurant with a global perspective," per press mats, Dovetail. Some ConEd issues pushed this opening back several days, but at present the gas is on and the kitchen is firing up. Judging from the design and menu, the aim here is two stars from the Bruni. If beef and lobster tartare, which sounds risky, and idaho potato gnocchi with veal short ribs, foie gras butter, prunes hold up, they've got a shot. As a special bonus, Dovetail is also going to attempt a proper afternoon tea service (menu), which should be a nice antidote to the whole Cafe Lalo/Starbucks Upper West Side fascination. (Above, the dining room, with before/after plywood bonus inset.)

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