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The Shutter: My Befana, Sucelt, Little Pie Co. MePa, Donuts Coffee Shop, Annie's

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The end of the year brings the promise of renewal, but first the old must be cleansed. So, The Shutter, chronicling restaurant and bar closings around town. Seen something close up for the final time? Drop a line to, if you'd be so kind.


1) Central Village: Above, My Befana, which opened as a prepared foods, catering and delivery restaurant, closed for the last time earlier this month. Says a tipster, "Food wasn't bad, but it was pricey. And restaurants don't survive on this block without a serious plan. One of the worst executed concepts of all time. Question: if a catering business opens in Soho and no one is there to hear it open, does it really open?" Your koan du jour. [Shutter Inbox]

2) West Village: As reported over the past month on Vanishing City and Eater, legendary West 14th Street coffee shop Sucelt did indeed close its doors for the final time on Christmas Eve. A moment of silence, please. [Vanishing NY, amNY]

3) MePa: Speaking of West 14th Street, the Little Pie Company outpost in the neighborhood? Per a Racked tipster, "Outrageous rent adios." [Racked]

2007_12_donutscs.jpg4) Park Slope: The Real Estate reports from Donuts Coffee Shop (right) on Fifth Avenue, slated to close for good tomorrow: "Nostaglic customers snapped photos over breakfast as business winded down on Wednesday morning at doomed Donuts Coffee Shop—perhaps the last place you'll find a 90-cent cup o' joe in the gentrified nabe." [The Real Estate]

5) Upper East Side: Another neighborhood standby, Annie's on Third Avenue (at 79th) plans to close up shop forever on New Year's Eve. Shocking twist: "According to an employee, a real estate developer has purchased the Third Avenue space – along with virtually the rest of the block – and plans to knock it down to build a high rise in its place." [Zagat Buzz]

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