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Bar Boulud

WWD has new details on Daniel Boulud's days-away new bistro, Bar Boulud: "Sophisticated New York diners may have learned to love a dish of tripe or calf brains, but soon they'll be able to challenge their palates with more daring Gallic creations. Head-to-Toe Pork, anyone? That dish, made with pig parts from ears to feet, is one of the offerings on the menu at Bar Boulud, which opens in early January. A partnership between Daniel Boulud and high-end Paris charcutier Gilles Vérot, the wine bar will also feature beef tongue terrines, rabbit rillettes and various andouillettes and sausages, alongside a large selection of Burgundy wines...For the squeamish, the restaurant will also offer a choice of traditional bistro dishes. [WWD; sub req'd]