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ReOpening: Ushi Wakamaru Rolls Again Tonight

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Nearly on schedule, Ushi Wakamaru, the Houston Street sushi restaurant that Bruni put on the map in July, reopens tonight. The restaurant had been closed by the Dept. of Heath in September and used to occasion to completely overhaul its dining room (and, we hope, it's kitchen and storage facilities). Even the exterior (above, this morning) has been given a face lift.

Two reader reports on the reopening: 1) "someone at ushi wakamaru just called me (2am EST) to tell me that they'll be re-opening on the 26th. not really sure whether to believe it or not, but it seems feasible enough, no?" 2) "Ushi Wakamaru is reopening on Wednesday, 12/26. The owner tells me that the delay was due to a total interior renovation."
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