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A Very Eater Christmas: The Gift Guide, III

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And now, the annual Eater Gift Guide, Part III.

2007_12_gift_guide.jpgToday may find you contributing money to newly established (as of yesterday) Kaufman-4-Rubin foundation that will help Mr. City Bakery buy his dream house and land you a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies. Not. Going. To. Happen. Neither Maury nor his domicile can be bought. Instead, let's see what the other key players would like to find under the tree.

Cory Lane
GM, Momofuku Ssam

1) "I'd love a motorcycle; not a Vespa, a motorcycle, 'cause I have a bum knee and I need to get around town. An old Harley would be cool."

2) A trip to Japan; "I want to eat all the amazing food."

3) "A better education, like Circus School, so I wasn't stuck in the restaurant industry. I think I would make a good circus clown."

Connor Coffey
GM/Partner, Smith's

1) Gift Certificate to Italian Wine Merchants: "Who in NYC has space for more things? Wine doesn't take up too much room (especially if you move through it like I do) and Italian Wine Merchants has the most thoughtful selection of Italian wine in the city, making it nearly impossible to have anything that's not really enjoyable, whether for everyday consumption or for special occasions."

2) 2 Tickets to a Famous Fat Dave's Food Tour: "Very few people know NYC food better than Dave Freedenberg - makes for a very tasty (if slightly gluttonous) afternoon."

3) Authentic/Vintage Mets Jersey (of a player I don't have already): "As a lifelong fan, it just doesn't get much better than that - there's always room in the closet for one more."

[The author thought it'd be fun to get us thinking about gifting, too. So, for what it's worth...(Steele's was yesterday)--Ed.]

Ben Leventhal
Eater co-Honcho; Editorial Director of Curbed

1) Somehow, season tickets at Balth. "I'd like to pay Keith a flat fee for as many orders of scrambled eggs in puff pastry and as much roast chicken as I can eat in a calendar year. Ideally, comes with an engraved gold plate with my name on it, just above a booth. Please see Yankee Stadium, Row A, for example."

2) A pair of Spotted Pig kicks

3) An early 1970s Rolex 5513 milsub. "If you have to ask..."

What I Want for Steele:
A Goyard men's bifold. "Dude thinks I need a new wallet?"

—Charlotte Druckman

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