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Power Lunch

2007_12_michaels.jpgLiz Smith sits down with Michael McCarty, patriarch of the seminal power lunch spot, Michael's. Think getting a good table at Spotted Pig is hard? "A certain percentage of our customers are incredibly concerned about their seating...Just today we had Natasha Richardson and Alec Baldwin, people who don't eat here every week. Maybe they come there once a month or something. But you'll mix and you'll match and take care not to ruffle the feathers of our regulars. Sometimes you have to make adjustments. Some people are tough, but most of our regulars are pretty understanding. We are very firm as well, and we make it very clear that this is how we run the house. We're not nasty, we're not arrogant. But we are firm when we have to be. In the end, despite all the drama that some people attach to all this, it's just a meal. You can come back tomorrow or another time. If you behave, you might get a better table next time." [Radar]