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A Very Eater Christmas: The Gift Guide, II

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And now, the annual Eater Gift Guide, Part II. We'll be getting this to you in four parts, two each today and tomorrow.

2007_12_gift_guide.jpgSome suckers line up at Sears to have their photos taken and put in a few requests with Santa; others send lists to the North Pole and hope that they've made this year's NICE cut. Jolly (three sheets to the wind) Old Saint Eater deals in more specialized holiday covetings, those of New York City's finest local restaurateurs and gatekeepers. We don't care if they've been naughty. Only criterion here: Good taste. Adventurers in Gifting, take note: it never hurts to find out what the guardians of the best seats in town want most, not that they're soliciting or anything.

Maury Rubin
Founder/proprietor/genius, City Bakery & Birdbath

1) The Kaufman House, Palm Springs, California: "This is architect, Richard Neutra's mid-century classic, a poetic beauty that's on the market because the husband and wife who live there are getting a divorce. It will be offered at auction with the likely asking price $25 Million, steep for a baker."
2) A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Moped: "I don't believe this exists yet, but it would be perfect for me to go to and from the Santa Monica farmer's market while shopping for City Bakery LA. Ideally it would get more than 100 mpg and must accommodate a box of peaches. Maybe there's hope?"
3) Hudson Baby Bourbon from Tuthilltown Distillery: "This is New York State-made bourbon from the Hudson Valley. Will be the perfect solace for not getting the Kaufman House."

Andrew Tarlow & Mark Firth
Proprietors, Marlow & Sons, Diner, & Bonita

1) I have been thinking of putting a hive on my roof. I want Big Green Egg smoker

1) 1969 Rolex Explorer 1016
2) Silver hip flask from
3) Bottle of 10-year-old
Laphroaig single malt scotch

For the managers and chefs:
We generally shop at Marc Jacobs on Mercer—their annual sale takes place in December. This year, We considered iPhones for everyone, then came back to Earth with a bump (15 iphones=$$$$$$; cashmere scarf/gloves on sale=$); But, I think in the current economic climate cash is king so we will probably give bonuses maybe using the European model of the 53rd cheque. Or else, what I will probably give is cashmere V-necks from Uniqlo and Diner t-shirts for everyone.

[The author thought it'd be fun to get us thinking about gifting, too. So, for what it's worth...(Leventhal's is up tomorrow)--Ed.]

Lockhart Steele
Eater co-Honcho; President of Curbed

1) Vaja iPhone case: "Turns out these things are somewhat delicate. Who knew?"
2) Dessert at the Dessert Truck
3) An opening night suite at Andre Balazs' Standard Hotel atop the High Line, the most important building of our generation.

What I want for Leventhal:
A 100% Duct tape wallet: "Why? Dude needs a new wallet."

—Charlotte Druckman

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