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The Curious Case of the Lotus Lounge (Coda)

We've been vexed by the goings-on (or lack thereof) at Clinton Street standby bar/coffee shop Lotus Lounge for months now. When liquor license hearing notices went up on the windows a few weeks back for a place to be called CDK Tavern, we assumed that was, at last, that for Lotus. But a tipster sends in the above photo, taken last night, with this note: "lotus!?!?!" Uh, indeed. Comes Eater commenter Lia to set the record straight:

They were open again tonight, I walked by about an hour ago with my dog and the tiny skinny guy with big hair was smoking outside so I asked him what was going on. He said neither of the two owners is in NYC anymore (one in Wisconsin, one in Europe) and they decided they didn't want the liability of the place anymore, so they decided to sell, which is why it closed down a few weeks ago. They opened Lotus up again this weekend to give it a proper send off—the big closing party is on Friday, if anyone would like to say goodbye.
And so that, we assume, will be that. Meantime, those looking for diversion (and myriad opinions about why bars do or do not fail on the Lower East Side) might want to check out the comment thread on the Lotus/CDK Tavern post, which continues to rage.
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