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A Very Eater Christmas: Happy Holidays from Union Square Cafe

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Over the next week or two we're going to be bringing you the holiday cards and gifts that are being given out by some of our favorite restaurants around town. What better a way to kick this off than with Danny Meyer's Union Square Cafe?


The chances of this video being Danny Meyer-sanctioned are zero, but it is nonetheless one of the most genius holiday-time bits of cheer we've ever seen here at Eater Christmas HQ. It's a holiday video seemingly put together by the staffers of Union Square Cafe, and includes the chorus:

It's not because I'm pretty
It's not because I'm gay
For all about the best food and service in New York City
Come to the Union Square Cafe...

Remember every day is a holiday at USC...If ever there was a time to just trust us and click, this is it.
· USC "unofficial" Holiday Video [YouTube via VittlesVamp]

Union Square Cafe

101 East 19th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 243-4020 Visit Website

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