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Eater Inside: Clubhouse Cafe

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Kalina, 12/10/07

Clubhouse Cafe is the result of a quick-change at 155 West 46th Street, formerly known as Tintol (still slated to reopen at a downtown location TBD). Gone are the Spanish tapas, replaced with something of a casual New York bistro menu. The owner of the restaurant remains Jose Meireilles, who owns Le Marais (and is Bourdain's former boss at Les Halles), the kosher steakhouse across the street. Clubhouse Cafe, which uses the butcher shop at Le Marais, is kosher as well. A spokesperson rounds out the color with, "the story is that with the success of Le Marais, which is more upscale, Jose saw a need for a casual, fun kosher place. Clubhouse is perhaps the only kosher restaurant in New York with a good bar scene." Save for the JCC, of course.
· Clubhouse Cafe Menu [.pdf]

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