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EaterWire: 1 Joak's Private Open, OpenTable Crisis!!

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CHELSEA—Two reports to the tipline regarding 1OAK, the nightclub that really made our day yesterday. a) "i walk by that place on my way to the gym every day, the other day i peeked in and there were still appliances (through the crack, it was hard to determine) but just wires and stuff all over. as far as i can tell, they'll need that much time to finish building the place"; b) from Justine at Imbible: "Hey, I went by 1 Oak last night—thought the post might be of interest (even though no one wants to hear anything else about it, most notably me) (photo, above)." Finally, the ringmaster of the 1JOAK scene, DBTH, has it that the the lucky debut douchebags in the house last night were from BTIG, a—wait for it—"premier institutional brokerage and fund services company." Yup, sounds like a whole new kind of nightclub to us. [EaterWire]

INTERWEBS—The elderly and infirm among us may want to avert their eyes from this news that just landed in the inbox: "Opentable is doing some maintenance work on the site Sunday evening, starting just before 8pm. For approximately two hours the OpenTable site will be unavailable." [EaterWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN—Racked has this potentially disturbing bit: "What dastardly force is killing bodegas all over downtown Manhattan? A tipster writes: "I'm not sure if Racked would cover something like this but I noticed a rash of bodega closings recently in the Village..." Click on over to see if your access to 40s and toilet paper will be affected. [Racked]

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