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1 Joak: Please Forget About 1 Oak Until January

Media outlets from the NY Times to Cutlets have been all over the opening of 1 Oak, the new club on West 17th Street owned by a serious lineup of top promoters like Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano. Just today, for example, there emerged four different theories on when it's opening (the Times, for what it's worth, says it's opening next week).

1) Down by the Hipster: "'s ready to open. A much trusted Little Birdy tells us, "I was speaking to a person closely connected with the club. They are ready to open, for real this time. The first event is tomorrow [Thursday] night, lock stock and smoking barrel. The owners and promoters are very excited about it." [DBTH]

2) Cutlets: "Down by the Hipster suspects 1 Oak may be opening tonight. We’ve heard whispers of the same, but official word is that it now won’t be fully open to the public until the end of the private-party season. So, January." [Cutlets]

3) The Gluttoness: "Passerbys will surely see a velvet rope outside 1OAK tonight for this private party, which is being marketed as drinks and dancing until 4am. If this is the first time you're hearing of this corporate celebration don't bother trying to get in, the event is strictly invite-only. Shocker! Thankfully for you all hungry club-goers, 1OAK will open its doors to the public sometime next week. [The Gluttoness]

4) RareDaily: "What happens when an A-list of nightlife impresarios come together for 1 club? 1 OAK (an acronym for “one of a kind”) happens, that’s what. Join Jeffrey Jah (Lotus), Scott Sartiano (Butter), Richie Akiva (Butter) and Ronnie Madra for the next really big thing in nightlife. Opens tomorrow." [RareDaily]

Indeed, this is a circus. Despite their having gotten the green light from Community Board 4 last week, they don't necessarily have the documents in hand needed to begin booze service. It could take as many as four weeks before they get the call saying their documents are ready—and the owners know this, which certainly motivating their high level of cageyness. It's also curious to note that interior photos of the club haven't really circulated, meaning that finishing touches may still a work in progress—a phase that makes the place private party ready, but certainly not ready for a full-on debut. So, in the end, we have to give this one to Cutlets: No chance you're seeing the inside of this place before January, unless you're a trusted friend of the house, who is not going to tell anyone that they're serving drinks as of tonight. So how's about we move on?

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