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EaterWire: 1 Joak Will Definitely Not Have Its Act Together Until 2008

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CHELSEA—The only thing more annoying than club owners who like to screw with people is when the club owners' goon lawyers try to get in the mix as well. Following a pleasant conversation we just had with 1 Oak's official liquor license lawyer, Bruno Gioffre, by his own, grand declaration, we can say with certainty: the club will not be open to the public until after the first of the year. Goon Counsel claims all documents, including a liquor license to serve alcohol until 4 AM, are in place and that they could begin serving offensively-priced drinks to the public as soon as tomorrow. It's just that the owners have decided to wait until the New Year to open. On the calendar for the duration of 2007: 'private parties.' [EaterWire]

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