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Plywood Special Redux: Peter Luger Annex Revealed!

Dept. of Buildings permits still adorn the windows, but not for much longer.

As Eater reported yesterday, the first-floor annex room at Peter Luger Steakhouse—a room that's been under construction for the better part of the last five years—appears ready to open at last. Eater operatives dropped by last night and were allowed to peek into the room. New details: the room seats 50-to-60 patrons; the room has its own unisex, handicapped-accessible bathroom; the construction of said bathroom added to the project's delays; and said bathroom is close enough to one particular table that eaters at that table will enjoy quite the view. Meantime, the upstairs dining room—longtime Luger Siberia—will indeed close, but may enjoy new life as walls are ripped down to grow the space, which might be used as a private events space.

Painting of Williamsburg Bridge, check. Curtain at left leads into the bar area.

Views onto Broadway.

The corner near the door.

The one detail we couldn't confirm was the exact opening, but it certainly seems like it could come at any minute. One Eater commenter says tonight's the night; if you're on the porterhouse beat in Billyburg, do let us know.
· Plywood Special: Luger Annex Opening This Weekend? [~E~]

Peter Luger Steak House

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