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Ago-a-Go-Go: DeNiro Leaves the Lights On for Us

[Photos by roving Eater photographic correspondent Will Femia]

When last we dropped by Ago, the new restaurant taking shape in Robert DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca that's destined to be one of the openings of the new year, we got the first complete look inside. But the lights were out, the view dark. Such was not the case when we dropped by the joint again last week. Seems DeNiro was nice enough to leave the lights on for us, revealing the restaurant's colorscheme (heavy on the red)—and confirming the existence of a brick oven. Oh. Hell. Yes. Above, we see what we believe the front bar area that will greet guests arriving through the doors on the corner of Greenwich and No. Moore.


And then we move further back...


And lo, the brick oven, fully revealed:


Ohhhhhhhhh hell yes. This place is moving along nicely; word of that "early '08" opening certainly seems reasonable, if the rest of the hotel has its shit equally together.
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