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Plywood Special: Peter Luger Annex To Open This Weekend?

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2006_11_luger_ext.jpgPeter Luger regulars are familiar with a longstanding construction project at the restaurant, the renovation of a second downstairs dining room. It's been years in the making—we last checked-in on it a year ago—and word comes this morning that, as if a Christmas Miracle has been bestowed upon us, it may actually be very near completion. RichyRich (who if you don't know now you know) files from Williamsburg: "Upon walking into Lugers in Brooklyn tonight I had noticed a big plaid curtain to the right of the bar. Looks as though the mystery room which I have inquired about many times before on the site is set to open by weeks end. The manager Tom has told me the it will open by the end of the week but he still has to see it to believe it himself, the project has been ongoing for over 5 years and has been held back numerous times due to environmental issues. Right now the room is filled with tables and chairs and is completely lit with lights. I was also told that God Awful upstairs will close once the new room opens... Thought you would enjoy..."
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