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Certified Semi-Open: Haru Wall Street

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Haru Wall Street, courtesy of the restaurant; please note these photos have been somewhat manipulated in that they came to us resized to make the restaurant look bigger than it is. Don't buy it? Have you ever seen glasses shaped like that?

Keeping track of Steven Hall's half-truths could be a full time job. Right on the heels of his flat-out lie that Bar Blanc has opened (it has not), comes via Cutlets and Rare Daily that Haru, the New York based chain of highly mediocre sushi joints, has opened its Wall Street location. We're going to now number the facts as we know them, because we want this to be nice and clear. Before you run over to Haru just yet, know that:

1) Haru Wall Street is open for lunch only, 12-3, until at least next week. Per Haru's spokesperson, Hall, they "will add dinner once they feel the staff is ready."

2) Haru doesn't have its liquor license (hat tip to Rare for mentioning this) and we know how long that kind of thing can take to play out.

Sure its nice to drum up lunch business while the ship readies itself for the big show, but in our book, these circumstances make the restaurant half-open at best. Open Certification status: Denied.
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Update: Steven Hall, Eater buddy, writes in to follow-up: "I never said that Bar Blanc was open. Everyone who wrote about it recently was told that it would open Saturday. Not my fault if they left that part out. Yes, New York Magazine did run it last week, and we really were planning on opening on time, but would up being delayed for reasons that I will not bore you with. As far as Haru goes, it is a heavy lunch audience and why not open for that meal period, and wait for our liquor license for dinner. Not hiding anything from anyone and certainly not lying. Also, I once said that correcting eater could be a full time job, at least credit me for my quote. So go ahead...print this. If you don't I will just add it to your reader comments."