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Rumors of Splitsville in Mudville Bogus

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While rumors circulated last week about a split between the owners of the love-infused Mud Truck, more reliable intel, of which we are newly in receipt, indicates that all is well in Mudville. An informed tipster writes:

Mud family is fine. The guy who made them their trucks owed them some money so instead of paying it off they told him that he could keep 2 of their trucks (because they were wanting to get rid of two of them anyway) So now the guys with the Love trucks painted over the logo and is using them to make money and lying to people by saying that the coffee is the same as Muds... The Muds are furious and they are now getting a lot of questions by reporters... looks like they'll be filing a lawsuit any minute now...and there you have it. from the inside.

Indeed, earlier we spoke with Nina, who is the wife half of the husband-wife team behind Mud Truck, and she confirms this. "Patrick fell way behind in payments," she said. "Plus, he wasn't being the kind of Mud Truck we liked him to be. We have certain standards for sharing the love, for taking care of people, and he just wasn't doing that at all." So, all agreed to sever ties.

For your reference, the Mud Trucks in Astor Place and at Sheridan Square are the authentic, original Mud Trucks ("where you get the mud and you get the love," explains Nina). Those in Union Square and on Wall Street are the newer, less loving, Love Trucks.
· Splitsville at the Mudtruck [~E~]

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