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The DOH Chronicles: Sammy's Noodle Shop Is Not Closed for Renovations

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Although the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene does seem to have slowed its campaign against rats and missing sinks they have not stopped yellow-stickering completely. Today brings news that Sammy's Noodle Shop on Sixth Avenue, a real neighborhood staple, has finally been DOH'd (it's been absolutely filthy for a decade). Here are the reports from the scene, including all the fun associated with an attempted cover-up:

1) "An all to familiar scene this morning at 6th Ave between 10th & 11th, looks like Sammy’s Noodle Shop is trying to mask their DOH closure with newspaper lined windows and bright orange signs stating that their closed for renovations."

2) "Sammy's Noodle Shop, the institution of the NYU nabe, has a bright yellow DOH sticker on the door. You can barel see it, however, as the entire place is covered with newspapers and bright signs that say "closed for renovation, open next week". Yah, right."

In bonus Sammy's news, Sammy's Donut Shop, next door, an experiment they'd tried out in the last 18 months, has closed for good.

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