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FW: Three's a Crowd?

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From: [an eater]
Date: Friday, November 9, 2007
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Three's a Crowd?

Today at about 2:30 PM my wife and I went to Bar Bossa in order to meet an architect we're working with.

With the exception of two young guys the place was totally empty. When we asked for a table for three the bar keeper/waiter told us to sit at the bar. When we asked for a table for three he told us that his place was too small and that he was expecting the lunch crowd to come. He could not accommodate us with a table for only coffee.

It was only because of our meeting at 3 PM that we did not walk out of the place to look for a more accommodating coffee shop to meet. Also it was the project architect who had asked us to meet him here. When I told the bar keeper that it was bad for his business not to give us a table, but direct us to the bar, he apologized and told us that was not his policy but the owner’s.

Of course when the project architect showed up at 3 PM, we just pushed two tables together and had our meeting to talk about his work, his office in Tokyo, and his new projects to come in the USA and abroad. When we left only one more customer had come in and we did not see that large lunch crowd rushing in for the daily special of black bean soup for $6.00.

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