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Ago A-Go-Go: The Interior, Fully Revealed!

On the reasons for optimism about 2008 ledger, Ago tops the list. The Italian restaurant import, by way of Los Angeles, is as we type these very words readying to open in Robert DeNiro's forthcoming Greenwich Hotel. Earlier this week, Down by the Hipster stole a glimpse of the ceiling of 10,000 corks—major hotness. Also hot? This: the fact that the prominent corner entrance (above), at the southeast corner of Greenwich at N. Moore, will lead not into the hotel lobby but rather right into the bar and restaurant. Folks, we're dealing with something here that's going to make Gemma look like child's play.


The main bar. The space is vast, extending to the right...



... and to the left all the way to the back, where it seems we have three of our favorite words in the English language: brick pizza oven.

The line on Ago's opening has always been early 2008, and having cased the joint, that appears to be on track. These will be good times.
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