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Deathwatch: Zoe Townhouse

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The unfortunate thing about Zoe Townhouse, other than the fact that it is now on the Deathwatch, is that had this space not been born Jovia, it might not be high profile enough to qualify for consideration by the Deathwatch Committee. But, such as it is, here we go. Zoe Townhouse, located on East 62nd Street in a plagued townhouse (it also housed a little abortion once known as Rouge), stands zero chance of being open a year from now and only a small chance of being open six months from now. A spot check over the weekend revealed a ghost town of a dining room during dinner service, which is just not going to get it done and is evidence that the neighborhood still hasn't taken to the place, even after a serious dress-down from its days as the precious temple Jovia. Furthermore, as the person who nominated this restaurant for the D-W said, "Zoe Townhouse feels a lot like a Radisson Inn." All these signs and more lead to a pretty easy decision for the Committee, who have arranged for the restaurant to be immediately admitted to the Eater Hospice.
· Zoe Townhouse [Menupages]

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