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EaterWire: Cantina Non-Item, No Revival at 360!

The winter vestibule goes up at Centro Vinoteca in the West Village. You may now consider the Ital season-appropriate.

EAST VILLAGE—A report from the East Village is as follows: "I just walked by the Cantina (Jason Neroni) space on Ave B at 3rd St. and there are legal notices up about "failure to pay rent". Apparently the owners of Cantina owe about $18,000 for two months rent and if it's not paid by next Monday, 11/12, the landlord will close them out. I've never been there, but I've seen it packed every night when I walk by on my way home from my own restaurant job. Could they really have just forgotten?" Officially, a spokesperson for the restaurant says, "false information. Cantina has been extremely well received by the neighbors and is in no risk of closing." Fine, but this does not explain why another correspondent noted, "just tried to get a pic for you of the notice at Cantina, but missed by minutes. Someone inside was holding the sign, seemed like he just took it down." In any case, add this item to the long list of reasons why Jason Neroni will one day arrive at Eater HQ and kill us all. [EaterWire]

RED HOOK—In re our hope of a revival at restaurant 360, it seems the signs of life we noted yesterday might be a red herring. From another reader: "No doubt a reader saw women carrying boxes to or from the basement of 360. The good folks at the Red Hook Added Value farm worked out a deal with owner Arnaud before he split town to use his walk-in to store their produce before delivering to restaurant customers. I've been fooled by the same sighting in the past." [EaterWire Inbox]

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