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Eater Inside: Bun

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Kalina, 11/2/07.

We'll skip the part about how Bun on its own website punctuates its name inconsistently (it's also B'un) or the fact that the restaurant's PR has been pimping the Vietnamese restaurant as being in its grand opening phase for the better part of two magazine news cycles. To the more important details: Bun (above) is the very talented Michael "Bao" Huynh's (Bao 111, Mai House) new restaurant, which he's opened with his wife Thao Nguyen and Warren Cuccurullo, the former guitarist of Duran Duran. The promise, per the name, is rice noodles and the like—some of it, such as duck hearts, fairly exotic—in the 50-seater, located at the bottom edge of Soho.

Further reading in the Dish and on their opening night party, which was quite something; and at RareDaily.

Also, Drew Nieporent is not affiliated with this restaurant.

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