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EaterWire: More on Rock-n-Sake, The Most Expensive Dessert in the World and Gordon Ramsay Wants to Terrorize Your Restaurant!

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CHELSEA—We've got one more bit in our by-committee education on Nola import Rock-n-Sake. A correspondent from the the Big Easy supplies us with a perspective from those parts: "I saw the post about Rock-n-Sake. First, the guys weren't "washed out of New Orleans." Rock-n-Sake is located in the Warehouse District, which didn't flood and has been hopping these days (the much heralded Cochon, along with several other new restaurants, are in that area). Noticed I said "is." Rock-n-Sake is still open. (In fact, the owners recently opened a new pan-Asian place called Hip Stix.) There was a second location open very briefly in the suburbs. Maybe that place flooded? Still, they're playing the Katrina card pretty hard on their website. It's an average American-style sushi joint with too much attitude." Which does lead us back to our initial fear that dining in Chelsea is doneski. [EaterWire Inbox]

UPPER EAST SIDE—The home of the world famous frozen hot chocolate, Serendipity, announced today that they've set a Guinness Book record for "most expensive dessert in the world." $25K gets you "a blend of 28 cocoas (14 from the most exotic and rare places in the world) and five grams of edible 24-karate gold, served in a goblet lined with edible gold and eaten with a solid 18-karat gold spoon encrusted with diamonds. There is also an 18-karat gold “crown” on the goblet that when removed turns into a bracelet that the buyer gets to keep, along with the spoon who’s diamonds are black, brown, and white created by Euphoria in NYC. The whole thing is topped with a whip cream covered in shaved truffles from France." [Guest of a Guest]

CENTRAL CASTING—We're just going to run this thing in full, arrived today from Fox Casting:


Looking for restaurants that need Gordon's help!! Are you a first time restaurant owner who sunk your life into the restaurant & now need help to make it work? Are you a very experienced restaurateur & your newest venture is not taking off the way it should? Are your food costs, liquor costs and staffing expenses too high to survive? Are you in a fantastic location & you still don't appeal to the customers? Do you use the excuse that you are in a bad location? Does the Chef, Staff & Owner see the vision of the restaurant differently?

If this sounds like you, our culinary mastermind is offering his world famous techniques and management secrets to help turn your business into a profitable & lasting success!

IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING TO BECOME AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS BUT NEED GORDON'S MAGICAL Kitchen Touch...Contact us Immediately. PLEASE EMAIL: TWINSWORLD1@AOL.COM PLEASE INCLUDE: YOUR FULL NAME, RESTAURANT NAME, LOCATION OF RESTAURANT, CONTACT NUMBERS, Include the name of all the owners and Chefs and what your role is in the restaurant, TELL US YOUR ISSUES-please be really specific, have fun describing the place as well as the problems-the more information the better, WHAT TYPE of establishment you have & why do you need our help to turn your restaurant around? Please also answer the questions listed above in the text of the email.

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