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Some Thoughts on the Future of Chelsea Fine Dining

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So there was a time a few years ago when Chelsea was set to become the next great New York City dining neighborhood. Right? We didn't just imagine this? Because, we must say, the upcoming wave of Chelsea openings aren't exactly the kind likely to find it onto next year's Michelin list. Consider, for example:

1) Ex-Varietal: Concerning the shuttered space at 138 West 25th Street that held the ambitious restaurant Varietal for a few minutes late last year and earlier this year, a tipster emails, "I was on 25th last night passing the old Varietal space and I noticed that the windows were covered in plastic and there was some construction going on. this permit was on the door for Rock-N-Sake LLC. I snapped this pic on my phone (above left)."

2) Ex-Bright Food Shop Per BlogChelsea, "According to the sign in the window of the former Bright Food Shop the new place will be Tommy's Mexican Grill (above right)." Bright Food Shop, you may recall, was a beloved neighborhood fixture for years until pushed out by rising rents. In its place comes another creation from, a website that we urge you to visit immediately. For a look into the future of Chelsea fine dining, it just doesn't get much scarier.
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