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EaterWire Mobile Sugar Faceoff: DessertTruck, Treats Truck Spar!

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CENTRAL VILLAGE—From the official website of the new answer to pain and destruction in the world, comes this: "We are ramping up production this week so we can satisfy all of our customers. We appreciate all the support we've gotten so far. In addition, we are modifying our hours. We will open at the same times but instead will only stay open until we're sold out of most items. Finally, we are looking to hire a few part-time employees to help us during service. If interested, send us an email." []

MIDTOWN—Not to be outdone by the rolling dessert newcomer downtown, the Treats Truck checks in with its November newsletter: "In November, The Treats Truck plans to continue its five-day schedule, which can be found at or by calling (212) 691-5226 for the exact sweet spot." Today and Thursday: 38th and 5th. Rawr. []

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