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The Curious Case of The Lotus Lounge

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[The Lotus Lounge, photo courtesy Ariel Rubenstein]

For years, The Lotus Lounge at the corner of Clinton and Stanton Streets—not to be confused with David Rabin's Lotus, of course—has served as an oasis of sorts from the usual Lower East Side insanity. During the day, the joint is as unpretentious a coffee shop as one can find; at night, a pleasant bar that somehow never seemed to hit the radar of those making a night of things in Hell Square. But now, several troubling emails to the Eater Inbox give us reason to think the good times may be over, or at least seriously curtailed. To the correspondence:

1) "My heart sank about an hour ago as I walked by a closed Lotus Lounge on a Saturday night. I'll despair without this laid-back LES spot, ideal for avoiding the crush of uptowners and B&Ters. Please say it ain't closed for good."

2) "Not sure what exactly is happening but looks like Lotus (Clinton / Stanton) may be closed for good. It wasn't open at all last week, and recently (about a month ago) they posted signs with new open days from Wed-Saturday (only)."

3) "I've tried going during the day on weekends, to do work, and it's been closed for awhile now. I thought there was a sign on the door about new hours being only in the evening, but I haven't tried going after dark. I'm heartbroken because it was such a good place to work. I've been wandering the LES and EV in search of new spots. So far, Cocoa Bar has won by default."

Calls to the venue today yield an eerie "temporarily disconnected" recording. You do hate to see that. Color this one developing, with strong chance of unhappy ending.
· The Lotus Lounge [TONY]

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