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EaterWire: Double Seven Relocation Delayed, Forty Deuce Space on Market, Monster Sushi DOH'd!!

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MEATPACKING—In which we check in with David Rabin on the progress of relocation of his quasi-private, forever-black nightclub Double Seven to the former Rhone space on Gansevoort Street. Seems there's no date just yet. Been quite the "frustrating process," Mr. Rabin tells us. Also frustrating: the Beatrice Inn is going to remain hot until Rabin and his investors get their ducks in a row. [EaterWire]

2007_11_40plan.jpgNOLITA—Per an email blast from broker James Famularo, the space at 19 Kenmare Street (right) that was to become Ivan Kane's NYC outpost of Forty Deuce, is back on the market. Key details: monthly rent $35,000 ("reduced!); 2,600 square feet with full basement, no key money (not that there's much infrastructure in there anyway), "corner with outdoor seating," and—get this—"full liq lic." Unless the locals burn you in effigy. [EaterWire Inbox]

DAILY DOH—It's been a quiet few weeks for our pals over at the Department of Health, so a warm pat on the back for brutally enforcing hygiene standards anew. From a tipster: "monster sushi at 535 hudson street has been closed by the health department." [EaterWire Inbox]

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