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The Shutter: Remote Lounge Hits the Stop Button

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East Village: Remote Lounge, the “technology themed” bar on the Bowery, has closed its doors. Opened back in 2001, the bar generated buzz for their video camera concept that enabled customers to control cameras all over the bar and “spy” on other patrons. It was a novelty at first, but gave way quickly to just being creepy. The crowd got seedier over time, and it eventually morphed into (an equally seedy) hip hop spot for promoters and new performers.

Word from the club is that they pulled the plug on the video shtick, and an entirely new bar is in the works. While the owners remain, there’s a new management team that promises a laid back, quality bar in the next few months. They currently run a few other places in the East Village, including HiFi and Black and White.

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