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Introducing Eater Certified Open

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In a city where the sources of information about restaurants and bars seem to double each month, one simple piece of intelligence increasingly finds itself obscured: the actual date that any fine member of the dining or drinking public can walk into a new venue and sample its wares.

Which brings us to Certified Open, a new Eater feature. The Certified Open stamp, seen just here to the right, serves as our guarantee that the featured venue is, in fact, open for business that very day (and, presumably, all the days thereafter). How does a venue become certified? Not by getting listed on, say, UrbanDaddy, no. There are several means, including Eater on-site inspection; submission of official paperwork (including but not limited to liquor license and certificate of occupancy) by a venue itself to; or reader report with receipt or photographic evidence provided. On board? Good. Let's do this.

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