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EaterWire: Chickpea Fried Falafel Returns, Siberia Returns, Back Forty Brunch, and More!

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EAST VILLAGE—Three-plus months after it went all-baked with their falafel, word comes in via the inbox that Chickpea has decided to reinstate the fried stuff: "just passed by chickpea and saw that they are now offering their falafel's baked AND fried. hmmm perhaps too many complaints about the chalk-like taste of the "healthy" baked ones inspired this but...YAY!" [EaterWire Inbox]

HELLS KITCHEN—The Daily Transom brings word that Siberia, a Hell's Kitchen institution that shuttered just a year ago, will return: Tracy Westmoreland, the boisterous actor and owner of recently-shuttered New York dive bar Siberia, just told us, exclusively, that he is going to reopen the beloved watering hole...“Siberia has been the engine of all my good luck, so we’re going to restart the engine,” said Mr. Westmoreland today." Also in the works, a Siberia book, Siberia movie and Vegas outpost. We kid. About the last. [Daily Transom]

EAST VILLAGEBack Forty, Peter Hoffman's new tavern with locally sourced ingredients, has opened for brunch. Currently it's just Sundays, but the plan is to get Saturdays going shortly as well. A look at the menu does leave one with high hopes. [EaterWire]

GRAMERCY RUMORMONGERING—You may recall the story from last year when Danny Meyer's tell-all, Setting the Table, taught us valuable lessons on buying the critics, notably Bob Lape's review of Blue Smoke. An inside source reports that one Irving Mill owner followed a similar cue during a recent dinner service when an attempt was made to comp Bob's check. While the outcome of the alleged bribe is yet to be confirmed by a glowing review, it was most definitely discussed by ownership. Oh, and about that Chelsea Clinton thing...the server was not fired, and it's not even certain that she was served the wrong dish in the first place. Silly gossip columns. [EaterWire]

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