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Opening: Nori Debuts in Hip Hop Chow Space

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A dispatch from the East Village arrives, with news that the short-lived urban fusion concept Hip Hop Chow has officially given way to Nori, a sushi bar entry. We go now to our reporter standing by: "I know that you are breathlessly waiting to hear what is in store for the old Hip Hop Chow space on Second Avenue. A conspicuously not papered storefront caught my eye on the way to the subway this morning and when I stopped to gawk and snap a camera phone shot (above) for you a sharp-eyed gentleman stepped out and handed me a takeout menu (below). His only words to me were "very serious Japanese restaurant," and then he was gone. Mysterious? Yes. Statement backed up by the menu? You decide. After the Setagaya-Momofuku rumble earlier this year, I am hoping for some more Japanese restaurant smack talking in the nabe."

The restaurant, at 129 2nd Avenue, is open for dinner now, with lunch planned for next week.
· Nori Menu [.pdf]

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