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Fall Tracking Report: Magnolia Bakery UWS

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Fall is a time for restaurant openings. Lots of them. Restaurateurs will make promises, excite us, with their grand plans. Consider this here the intel you need to keep abreast of it all—and start obsessing at just the right moment.

Magnolia UWS: Eater reader snap, circa late last week.

2007_09_efp.jpgMagnolia Bakery, 202 Columbus, UWS; no phone yet.

Initial Debut Projection: Between Thanksgiving and Christmas
Current Debut Projection: January 15
Odds, On Time Arrival: 3-1
Eater Projected Opening Date: 1/15/07

We checked in with Magnolia Bakery owner Steve Abrams yesterday to see how the new Upper West Side branch of the cupcake palace is coming. He says "we are moving along," and sends along a couple of photos (below) to corroborate. Recall from our last report, "This location will be quite a bit bigger than the Bleecker Street original, though plans are to preserve much of the small quarters feel of bakery uptown. Abrams will do a gut renovation on Lenge, before he installs Magnolia with an "updated look" from architect Mark Zeff (Red Cat, Mermaid Inn). As a special bonus to the neighborhood, the new space will have a private party room, which is guaranteed to make the Upper West Side parent set quite happy, at least until a highly localized child obesity problem sets in." There will be cupcakes soon, Upper West Siders. Hang tight.


Look at the pretty floor

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