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Chronicles of El Chod: In Which El Chod Takes a Meeting at Maxim

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Presented without further ado:

Slightly dated, but here's my El Chod sighting. Early this past summer I was in the lobby of 1040 Avenue of the Americas, home to Maxim magazine. I came out of the elevator to an empty lobby save for one security guard and a dude on a cellphone absolutely flipping out.
I looked at this man, curious who could be so angry as to fill the lobby with his sourness. He looked very familiar, and as I gazed at the perfectly trimmed stubblebeard, I knew: El Chod. What can I say, I was a big "The Restaurant" fan. Anyway, he was freaking out because I guess he had a meeting with the CEO of Maxim to talk about the Maxim branded steakhouses El Chod is opening, but I guess he wasn't in his office to get El Chod the green light to advance past security. So El Chod was trying to track him down and was yelling into his phone, "Yeah, Steven Colvin, the CEO OF THE COMPANY!!!" At the time I wanted to snap a camera-phone pic for Eater, but El Chod was not to be messed with in this state. Never found out if he made it to the elevator bank, but the security guard's head turned up in a soup pot at Kobe Club. Just kidding. It was Borough Food & Drink.

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