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Botched Projects File: American Grill Back on the Market

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The tragic story of the American Grill begins with an opening announcement that came a full two months early and ends here today with the property back on the market. American Grill, on the corner of Second Avenue and 7th Street, was to be a 24/7 diner and canteen for the neighborhood, but, then, yeah: no. There were epic delays, at which time an Eater reader noted, "If this establishment were within sight of McSorley's at the other end of the block, these guys might stand a chance -- Bounce Douche isn't going to bring enough drunk frat boys jonesin' for mediocre pancakes to save these folks. Paging David Chang's real estate broker." Then the actual opening. More reader color: "American Grill is open this morning. The one outstanding issue is that the entire staff seems to be gathered around a plasma watching soap operas."

And with today comes word that the diner has been put back on the market (to follow through on the attached reader color motif: "You guys ever get around to deathwatching this?") and, from a neighborhood correspondent, the striking fact that the restaurant was closed on this past Monday at 10:30 PM, well within the requisite operating hours for any restaurant on Second Avenue, let alone one that comes with the awning promise of '24/7'. So, we're left wondering how come a simple, straightforward diner concept for one of the most well-trafficked streets in New York couldn't pull its act together. Pls file under, Botched Projects.
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