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Lure Fishbar All Up in the King Crabs (Also: Bonus Eater How-to)

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John McDonald sends along this photo of his Lure Fishbar chef, Josh Capon, preparing to have his head bitten off by a monster king crab. It's king crab season at Lure, people, and The McDonald, who himself captioned this photo as simply, "Huge," wanted you to know. Go get these beasts while the supplies last.

Eater Administrative Note: The last time we posted on McDonald the Eater chorus got a small bit uppity about our affinity for Lure and its owner (the only man we know, by the way, who can pull off a pinstripe suit and half-unbuttoned shirt). But here's now this goes, people. If you want to announce king crab season at your restaurant, don't send us a press release. Send us a photo like the one above. It's simply more fun for everyone.

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