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2nd Ave Deli Gets Signage, Looking at January Debut

At this very moment, the new 2nd Ave Deli, on 33rd Street, is getting its signature signage installed (above). Though seeing the lettering in place makes the rebirth of the 2nd Ave Deli feel imminently close, and warms our hearts a bit, don't get too excited just yet. Via a tipster who checked in this morning: "Walking along 33rd St. on Thanksgiving Day, we noticed that the door to the new 2nd Avenue Deli was open, so we decided to look in to see what was going on. The good news is the space looks spiffy. The bad news is we were told the re-opening might happen in December but more likely not until January. We were not permitted to snap any pics, not even of the wonderful artistic rendering of the old location hanging in the vestibule."
· Eater: Special Plywood Reveal: The New 2nd Ave. Deli [~E~]

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